Fellowships / Bible Stuides

Hope Lutheran Church is a bi-lingual church. We have fellowships and bible studies for both English or Chinese(Cantonese) speakers.

English Ministry:

Ladies' Guild - Every 2nd Tuesday, 7:00pm

Busy Fingers/ Garden Group - Every Thursday, 10am

Adult Bible Studies - Every Wednesday, 10am


Chinese Ministry (Cantonese):

Agape Fellowship 主愛團契 (Family) - Every 1st Saturday, 6:30pm

Couples Support Group 夫婦小組 (Young Family) - Every 2nd Saturday, 7:30pm

Grace Fellowship 歡恩團契 (Family) - Every 3rd Saturday, 6:30pm

Light Fellowship 主光團契 (Family) - Every 3rd Saturday, 6:30pm

Life Fellowship 生命團契 (Career) - Every Friday, 7:30pm

Adult Bible Studies 讀經樂 - Every 1st Saturday, 7:00pm


Youth Ministry (English):

Living Water Fellowship (Children) - Every Saturday, 1:00 - 3:00pm

Thirst 63 Fellowship (Junior High) - Every 1st & 3rd Friday, 5:30pm

Serendipity Fellowship (High School) - Every Friday, 5:30pm

College Fellowship - Every Friday, 5:30pm


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To find out which fellowships is best for you, call 650-991-4673 and ask to speak to our pastor. Or you can email us: hopedalycity@comcast.net.


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